Health and Safety


Friends and Family,

Yes we are open!

We are adhering to strict cleaning and social distancing guidelines, giving the outside TVs for free (normally $25) and giving parties laser tag guns to use as well so kids can be both inside and outside. (both are subject to availability and weather permitting. We have 6 trailers and not all have outside TVs but we will do our best to provide these to you when possible)

We do not require masks in the trailer, but if you’d like our staff and/or your guests to wear them please let them know and we will happily accommodate.

If you need to reschedule last minute because of a COVID case, or close contact among yourself of your guests, we will have to move you to a weekend morning (10AM) or a weekday, Monday through Thursday. We know these are crazy times, but we usually don’t allow any movement within 3 weeks of the party. However, we are making exceptions because of COVID. Please keep in mind we are doing this because we still have to keep weekend spots open for new bookings.

While our trailers normally fit about 24 guests at once, we are capping it at 16 at a time.

As a service based industry, we feel awful for all the kids who missed out on parties these past few months. If you’re looking to book a party, please give us a call 774 303 9886 or visit




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