Health and Safety


Dear families,
I’m sure as you all are very aware, Coronavirus (COVID-19) news and reports are everywhere as the sickness moves throughout the state and country.
At Ultimate Mobile Gaming, we are doing everything we can to keep your family safe. We also want your family and friends to still be able to enjoy their lives and celebrate their birthdays as they would any other year!
Before our parties, we wipe down the trailer and controllers. We also wipe down the doors, handles, etc. We are also asking all our customers to make sure the guests wash their hands before coming into the trailer and at the end of the party/event.
As a husband, son and father of 3, your family and your guest’s safety is very important to us. We are taking this matter very seriously to make sure your kids don’t miss out on an awesome birthday celebration as things settle down from these events. 
If you are looking to book a video game, laser tag or combination party please give us a call at 774-303-9886 or visit 


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